Ego Pontem

Adventures in technical writing, some other things too

IOT Solutions World Congress 2024

Notes on the latest in IOT as seen at IOT Solutions World Congress 2024

Communicating risk

Happy hour thoughts about a sad event

From OpenBSD to GNU/Debian Linux

Yet another blog article about moving from BSD to Linux

Fun with thought leadership

Imagine a spectrum of marketing content

Tech writers can code too

You can solve a lot of problems with a few skills

The shortest introduction to Lisp

Lisp isn’t as inaccessible, alien, or irrelevant as you might believe

Notes on AI for tech writers

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the tech writer after all?

Shell ancestry

A history (ahem) of command shells in Unix and Unix-like systems

Curing inconsistency

The scurvy of tech writing

Do you really know your audience?

Tenuous status as the fave son-in-law

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